About Us

Our Mission

At the University of Ottawa, we strive to fulfill a daily commitment to excellence, resilience and evolution.


The University of Ottawa's Men's Lacrosse program was born in 2013 and evolved into a full member program of the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association in 2014. Since inception, our program has had an aim to create an environment for athletes to become part of a cohesive group that prides itself on work ethic, leadership and commitment to excellence.

While athletics remains a great motivator for our athletes, our program places a value on becoming a total individual. Extreme importance is placed on personal development alongside athletic resiliency.


University of Ottawa lacrosse will continue to move forward and strive to be the best CUFLA program we can be while respecting our competitors wholly. We will sacrifice, we will endure and we will devote ourselves to excellence at all levels of athletics and personal expansion.

Our Program

On March 29th 2014, the University of Ottawa Men's Lacrosse Team was voted into the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association. Since then, we have established the program as on of the top destinations for lacrosse players looking to continue their education in Canada. We demand high calibre athletes for our program to develop into superior athletes, human beings and students. 

The University of Ottawa prides itself on being an elite school for student athletes to excel in their sport and received a high quality education. The University of Ottawa has always been regarded as one of the premier Universities in Canada and offers a wide range of programs.